25 January, 2009


I´ve been scrapping since 2005 and scrapbooking is an important part of my life. Being able to work creatively with colours, shapes, materials, documenting all those things I cherish the most, also the everyday stuff, means so much to me. It´s my escape, my creative escape and a chance to breathe and just go with the flow.

I discovered digiscrapping before I also fell for paperscrapping. Digiscrapping suited me very well then, with a small child, since it´s easier to turn on and off a computer than to search the entire kitchenfloor for tiny minibrads and stickers, that otherwise easily ends up in tiny fingers also discovering scrapbooking... Also, I could nurse and digiscrap at the same time! Cutting, layering, changing fonts and nursing - we were both pleased!

From 2010, (never mind the date this is posted LOL I am not looking in the future LOL I am just adding information to this blogpost!! LOL) I also have been active as a digi-designer, T for Me Designs, and I enjoy every second of it! I have made friends with new people, I got to create my own products and I got to see my own creations in action - helping people to capture memories! Such a great time! And so inspiring!

And now - Time to scrap again!